Top 8 2019 games so Far

It’s been just 4 months into 2019 and we have seen some of the amazing games already. Majority of the games are planned for later part of the year so, 2019 will be jam-packed gaming year for all the game lovers. Although it is too early for the best list so far the quality and storyline of the amazing 2019 games have forced us to make a list of all the amazing games so you won’t miss out on any opportunity to enjoy your passion. Some of the releases are the sequels that were in the queue for a long time and with the New Year, the flood doors of the games opened up. Let’s jump into the list to catch you up with the new releases.

Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil franchise is notorious for its releases on all platform but this year the developers have gone on build the most sophisticated and complete remastered version. Everything was on the point whether you are talking about the graphics, or the lighting or the scare jumps scene. The fighting scenes seemed pretty realistic that has made the game even more fun. Resident Evil 2 was released for PS4, Xbox1 and PC and everyone is loving the game.

Sekiro: Shadows die twice

With the amazing success of Dark souls and bloodborne, the developers came with the new and refined game; Sekiro: Shadows die twice. The gameplay is insanely difficult and you have to play the round twice or thrice in order to progress through the game. The difficulty level somehow intrigues the player to give their best shot at the next try and the gamers would find themselves addicted to the game. The game is blunt and you have to showcase all of your gaming skills in order to survive. The game was launched for PS4, Xbox1, and PC.

Apex Legends

Challenging the giants of the gaming industry Fortnite, Apex legends has certainly found the center of attraction and more people are getting acquainted with the gameplay and playing style. The Apex legends are all about the teamwork and squad-based combat gaming. Apex legends changed the mechanism and modified the battle royale features to provide the gamers with the perfect game that they can play with their friends. Specials abilities, exciting maps, and support on all the platforms made the Apex legends one of the most popular games of 2019.

Devil may cry 5

One of thecool games of the adventure and horror genre, devil may cry 5 has been praised by the gamers who love the gore scenes and like to kill the demons in painful style. The game is a mix of adventure and style and people are loving the new character for its twisted yet fascinating demon summoning ways. The game is too inclined on fantasy but you can certainly take your mind off by getting lost in the game. The game was released for PS4, Xbox 1, and PC.

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2

The sequel of one of the most intense role-playing game of 2016, Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 is certainly living up to the expectations of its predecessor. The game location changed from New York to Washinton D.C. and things are not under control there either. Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 is an absolutely amazing game to play and you find yourself committed to the game 100%. The players can explore the streets, loot the places, or progress through the game. The game was released on all the platforms so the gamers won’t have to feel restricted to a certain platform.

Tetris 99

The only game that is giving serious competition to the Apex legends is the Tetris 99. The two games are totally separate from each other and are loved by two different communities of the gaming world. While Apex legends belong the shooting, Tetris 99 belongs to the puzzle lovers. But the common part between both of them is the multiplayer feature and survival till the end. 99 players battle with each other to claim the ultimate number one spot. The most dangerous time in the game is the early onslaught and after that, you can strategize to make sure the number one spot is only yours. Tetris 99 is exclusive for the Switch users and the game is also free for online Switch members.

Sunless Skies

Leaving the war battlegrounds, mountains and hills, and the fantasy world behind, sunless skies is the game where you need to fight the monster and pirates in the space to ensure your survival. The game is based on hard decision-making capabilities, so, you need to act fast and smart in order to get out of any tricky situation. The game is all about the space adventure and one on one battle moments in the universe. The game is quite remarkable so you must go and explore the space and kill some monsters and pirates. The game was exclusively launched for PC users.

Fifa 19

For the console game lovers, Fifa is the most popular game and with the latest addition to the franchise, Fifa 19 is among the list of top games in 2019. The game is so versatile and unique that you can play online with other players or can challenge your friends for the friendly game. The different modes won’t let you get tired with the game that easily and you will always look for more action and fun. The cinematic story mode is so realistic that you often get lost in the life of the footballer and how the player would feel when they are on the pitch. The realistic effects made you fall in love with the game more and more. The display of the game is to die for. 4K and HDR will uplift your gaming standards to the new heights and there will no stopping from that point. PS4 pro proudly runs the game at its best graphics to entertain the gamers.

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