Fortnite Week 10 Challenges: Air Strike, Damage dealing, Public signs Visit and Many more

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Fortnite has retained its popularity for quite a while and the game is still banging in 2019. Although the game has traveled quite far now and season 10 is right around the corner. The Epic games had made sure that the gamers remain interested by investing in a lot of updates. Developing team is working round the clock to introduce new characters, challenges, maps, and weapons. The investment pays great for the owner as streamers get new content every season and they invest in the game to keep their content unique. Apart from the streamers, players from around the globe also purchase in in-game currency to get the Royale pass access and then unlock different characters, skins, emotes, and many other cool items which are not available in the free version of the game. Interesting developments keep the players focused on achieving the missions and outrank each other. A lot of E-sports tournaments are also helping all around the globe which makes the game even more interesting and competitive. As of now, Fortnite has entered into the 10th week of season 9. 10 whooping weeks of intense fortnite can intrigue any gamer and they will be expecting some major upgrades in season 10. However, let’s focus on the week 10 highlights and challenges that you need to achieve and get rewarded.

If you are joining the game from season 9 then our review and tricks are gold for you. So, let’s jump into the details right away. New Air strike feature has recently been added to the game through the latest patch. In addition to the Air Strike feature, you had to go through a few public announcement signs and the places where you can harvest the resources. You might have already went past through these locations and won’t recognize them so let us guide you to the mission-related locations like Robot factory, Fork Knife, and Umbrella.

Just like all the other challenges, week 10 challenges are also divided into 2 sets. One set of the challenge is for the free loaders and the other set was for the players who have Premium battle pass. For the gamers who haven’t invested in the game need to use the Air strikes, achieve a certain amount of damage to the enemies using an only shotgun, and keep the eyes open for a specific type of gun ammo. For the players with premium battle pass, they need to visit public service announcement signs. From there they can collect different resources and increase their stars. After that they need to kill the enemies in the defined spot, collect the specific resources, and dish out the damage with a pickaxe to increase the glory points and boost their battle stars. For more ease, we have made a list of the challenges that you need to look for in week 10.

Free challenges:

  • Use a total of 3 air strikes in different matches which can provide 5 battle stars.
  • Using the shot gun, deal a total damage of 500 which can also provide 5 battle stars.
  • The last one is a little time taking as you have to search for 7 Ammo boxes in a single match without getting killed and the reward for completing this challenge is 10 battle stars.

Premium Challenges:

  • The first challenge that is relatively easy is visit Neo tilted, Pressure plant, and Mega mall for public service announcement signs.
  • Second challenge is in the form of stages and you can earn 5 battle stars by completing the challenges.
    • Collection of woods from Viking ship for 2 battle stars.
    • Visit Fork Knife or Umbrella to collect the stones. 2 battle stars will be earned.
    • And at the last stage, collect the metal from Robot factory and get 1 battle star.
  • The maximum bonus for 10 battle stars can be earned by killing the enemies in the pleasant park or Paradise Palms. 3 opponent kills are required to complete this challenge.
  • Last challenge will be to deal with a total of 200 damage using the only pickaxe. This will get you 5 battle stars.

Air Strike missions were recently added after the patch update (Content update patch 9.30) released by Epic games on 10th of July. One new item was added for the premium players and a bunch of quality of life upgrades in the Creative mode and Save the world mode.  Air Strike item is a throwable item which can bring the rain of missiles and fire on the enemies.  As cool as the item is, you can only carry two at the moment. These items can be found from various sources like loot chests, Air drops, vending machines, and floor loot done by using a pickaxe. The new item has surely grabbed the attention as the gamers remembered the good old days of Call of duty where you can call the air strike by maintaining a kill streak and destroy the enemies in their hideouts.

Season 9 is in the pretty intense mode as players are grinding hard to unlock the premium costumes that season 9 has to offer. The time is also running out as there are heavy rumors of season 10 update. To finish off the season 9 on the high note, these challenges can really help you. Just complete the challenges and fill the required quota of battle stars which is required for the next battle pass. Rewards are available for almost all the players but as expected there are a lot more rewards for the V-buck owners who are investing in the game and motivating the developers to bring out the new and amazing content for the season and the chain of amazing Fortnite goes on. So the total of 7 challenges is released for week 10 which kept the gamers on their feet.

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