Mac Gaming Significance in 2019

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Mac owners never thought about playing games on Mac but rather go for PS4 and Xbox One. But with the latest updates and changes in the hardware, Mac gaming has started to firm its footing in the modern era of E-sports games. New games that are launched support almost all platforms uplifting the barriers from Mac and giving the chance to the Mac users to at least enjoy gaming on their favorite platform. There is a wide range of games available now, from old classics to new games. Mini-games are also launched for kids to pass their time while gaming on Mac.

Does Appstore provide best games?

Mac Appstore has its vault filled with all kinds of games. There are many expensive games ranging from 5$ and reaching up to 100$. Civilization VI, short indie games, and many small games are available on both Mac and iPhone. But for regular gamers, Appstore is not always the best option. Usually, the games on Appstore are pretty expensive and limited. You can find those games for a cheaper price on other platforms and that too with latest releases. When going for the new game, you always wanted to see the feedback of the gamers who have already tried the game.

Due to less number of people using Appstore, there insignificant reviews and there are numerous games that are not reviewed at all. SO, you will be going blind while spending a lot of money and for some reason, you don’t like the game, you are stuck with it as you have already bought the game. Multiplayer gaming suffered most because of the policies of Appstore and a range of games were disappeared from the Appstore. Borderlands tried to accommodate the cross-platform gaming with the introduction of different API’s but the stay on Appstore was short-lived and the game disappeared from the game soon after. Apple is trying to fight back with porting the iOS games for macOS. With this possibility, we are likely to see different games available exclusively on macOS.

Steam and other Stores:

If you are a hardcore gamer and wanted to play the latest multiplayer games, you got to switch to other platforms to download the games. Most popular third-party games provider is steam. If you are labeling steam as a king of games downloading service, you are not wrong. Users are also enjoying the different and steam community has grown exponentially since the gaming has risen in all parts of the world. Steam is working and focusing on including MacOS and providing the latest games with early releases for macOS as well. Thanks to the Linux based steamOS, cross-platforming gaming was made possible. Now, the game developers are focusing on providing the games for all platforms and steam is happily playing the mediator role in distributing the game for everyone. One of the great features of steam is that it is one storefront platform. This means that if you buy game from steam, you can paly it on all platforms. Steam has the largest library for Mac games with reaching up to 10,000 Mac games and supporting the Mac gaming.

The epic game store is slowly growing by giving handsome 88% return to the developers contrary to the 70% return by steam and Mac store. From early 2019, big names were attracted to Epic game store as everyone wants to maximize their profits. Epic Games store has a dedicated portion for MacOS and big names like Fortnite is accessible for Mac users.

Windows games on Mac:

  • WINE or compatibility layer allows you to successfully run windows game on Linux and Mac OS. So, for the retro games lovers, WINE is providing the gateway for windows applications as well as games to run successfully on Mac. WIneHQ is available to check the status of the games. The applications that are little too much for Wine, supporting applications like Wineskin is available for handling special application. Although Wine is great for launching different applications but on the other hand, some applications also fail to launch.
  • Boot Camp is also an effective way to play the windows game on your Mac. The method is effective as you are installing Windows OS in your back and you are turning your MacOS to Windows OS. The performance of the game also enhanced as you are not using any other third-party software that is halting your game progress. One thing you need to do is boot the device in Windows every time you want to run the game.
  • Virtual Machine allows you to run windows from the MacOS. This method is suitable only for classic games. As most of the new games require high-end specification which can bottleneck the overall performance of the game. The virtual machine will be borrowing the system resources like processor, ram, hard disk so, the games had to be low-end for smooth performance and not damages any hardware of the device because of overloading. Different virtual machines are available like Parallels and VMware.

Emulator’s performance on Mac:

Emulators are getting popular in 2019 as they are allowing mobile games to be played on PCs. With emulators, we are actually cheating the system without crossing any major lines so we can say the emulators are in gray area at the moment. OpenEMU is one of the best emulators out these that allows you to play games on your Mac. Variety of the games enhances significantly with the emulator and you can also access different Nintendo games as well. So, for the gamers who are desperate to play games on Mac, they can use the emulators and start playing different games.

Streaming Option:

Streaming the trending games have gained the popularity significantly and good news for the Mac users that like Google Stadia and Microsoft xcloud will aid their cause being a Mac user. After the proper launch of these services, Mac users can be able to play the latest games as all the heavy lifting will be done in Stadia severs and games will only consume the system resources equal to streaming.

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